Kazakhstan in International Global Peace Index

Kazakhstan can be considered as a safe place to live and study in for several of the following investigations:

The research organization at the Institute of Economics and Peace (in Sydney University) prepares a rating of peace-loving countries in the world since 2007. Kazakhstan is one of the 163 countries that is included in this international index. Rating assesses the security of residence in countries in terms of internal and interstate conflicts, international relations and military expenditures.

The Global Peace Index is the cumulative coefficient that expresses the peacefulness of 163 countries, defining the scale of violence and aggression within the state and in its foreign policy.

Global Peace Index 2018

Country Rating Index State of peacefulness
Kazakhstan 70 1.974 High
China 112 2.243 Middle
The USA 121 2.3              Middle
The Great Britain 57 1.88 High


(Country is considered more peaceful, if the rating is closer to one and the index is smaller)

For Russia and Eurasia:

Regional Rating Country Index
1 Moldova 1.939
2 Kazakhstan 1.974
3 Belarus 2.112
4 Georgia 2.13
5 Uzbekistan 2.144
6 Kyrgyzstan 2.181
7 Tajikistan 2.266
8 Turkmenistan 2.283
9 Armenia 2.287
10 Azerbaijan 2.454
11 Ukraine 3.113
12 Russia 3.16

Sydney University also created the Positive Peace Report. What is the difference between a negative and positive peace?

Negative peace is the absence of violence or fear of violence.

Positive peace is the existence of relationships, institutions and structures that create and support peaceful organizations.


Positive Peace Report 2017: (163 countries)

Country Rating Index
Kazakhstan 77 3.1
China 75 3.06
Ukraine 82 2.097
Uzbekistan 133 3.72
Russia 107 3.45
Azerbaijan 93 3.31
Kyrgyzstan 93 3.31
Tajikistan 120 3.59

(The lower rating is, the worse is state of peacefulness in the country)

Considering statistics above, we can conclude that Kazakhstan leads the most secure position and has more peaceful-mindsets of residents’ on the territory, which is the ninth largest site in the world and the second - in the CIS.