Almaty Management University
Specialty 5В051100 - Marketing
Duration 4 years (8 terms)
Form of training Full-time
Study time Full time
Fees 1,128,310USD в год
Faculty Higher School of Management
Level of degree Bachelor
Language of education Russian Kazakh English


Modern teaching technologies. Permanent checking the quality of teaching and its effectiveness, improvement of equipment and disciplines content.


Corresponding skills required by employers. Checking and deepening the actual competence acquired by the students to comply with professional standards and qualification requirement of the specialty.


Practitioners are involved in teaching process.




Our graduates of the specialty 5B051100 "Marketing" work for companies such as:


1. Air Astana


2. Bayer Kaz


3. Kcell


4. Danone


5. Nilson


6. Choco family


7. Samsung




9. Phillip Morris Kazakhstan


10. JTI


11. Coca-Cola




13. The Ritz-Carlton Hotel


Grants and discounts no
Double diploma

International exchange programs at the undergraduate level, agreements with the following universities:

1. IESEG School of Management (IESEG School of Management) - France

2. Geneva School of Business (Geneva Business School) - Switzerland

3. ESC Rennes Business School (the business School of Rennes) - France

4. Solbridge International Business School - South Korea


Dormitory yes