Automation and control

Automation and control

Kazakh-British Technical University
Specialty 5B070200 - Automation and control
Duration 4 years (8 terms)
Form of training Full-time
Study time Full time
Fees 4,070 - 5,630USD в год
Faculty Faculty of Information Technologies
Level of degree Bachelor
Language of education English

The objectives of the program more specifically describe the skills and knowledge that students should have by the time the university graduates.

Understand - understand the mathematical and physical foundations of automation and control, and how they are used in electrical devices and systems. To understand that engineering knowledge should be applied in accordance with ethical standards for the benefit of society.

To question - to critically evaluate alternative assumptions, approaches, procedures, trade-offs and results relating to engineering problems. Develop - develop various electronic and computer components and systems, for applications that include signal processing, communications, computer networks and control systems.

To be a leader is to lead teams of engineers who develop projects, perform different roles in the team and understand how they contribute to the task.

Interact - use written and verbal communication to document the work and present the results.


Tuition fee: 4,070-5,630 USD (1,489,294 - 2,060,130 KZT)

Grants and discounts no
Double diploma no
Dormitory yes