Possibility to study in multilingual environment

Studying in Kazakhstan universities will allow international students not only to immerse themselves in a new culture, but also to learn new languages. Training is conducted in Russian, Kazakh and English languages, which allows you to expand the circle of communication and to practice the right language!

Trilingualism (the alternate use of three languages ​​- Kazakh, Russian, English) was first introduced as an experiment in schools to the education system of Kazakhstan in 2007, and since then many school and university education programs have allowed pupils and students to fluently own these languages, as well as German, French, Turkish and others. Therefore, the younger generation feels freer and easier to enter into a conversation in the languages ​​they have mastered.

In the city, educational institutions and language centers offer the study of different languages ​​with native speakers. Also, just like you, we have native speakers of other languages studying here, which also gives a good opportunity to go deeper into our favorite language, history and culture!

They say: the more languages ​​you know, as many lives you live! :)