Fees and Costs

When enrolling in Kazakhstan universities, tuition fee depends on the program you choose. The average price is from 1100$ to 9000$ per year.

Additional costs will be:

  1. accommodation fee.
    Residents can live in the campus or hostel of the university. Or, if desired, a student or students in a group can jointly rent rooms and apartments. The cost of living will depend on the conditions and location of the accommodation and varies from 200 to 500 US dollars per month. You can familiarize yourself with the options of renting on the website Krisha.kz.
  2. daily expenses in Almaty are approximately as follows:
    • Lunch at the cafe: from 1500 tenge (about 5 US dollars)
    • Bottle of water: 100 tenge (40 cents)
    • A cup of tea: from 150 tenge (about 50 cents)
    • A cup of coffee: 900 tenge (3 US dollars)
    • Bread: from 70 tenge (about 30 cents)
    • Meat (1 kg): from 1600 tg (about 5-6 US dollars)
    • Travel by public transport: from 40 tenge (from 15 cents)
    • A trip by taxi: in the city from 500 tenge (1,5 US dollars)
    • Cinema ticket: from 1500 tenge (about 5 US dollars)
    • Mobile Internet 10GB: 1300 tenge (about 4-5 US dollars)