Charyn Canyon (Sharyn - in Kazakh) is located on the territory of the Charyn National Park and is composed of sedimentary rocks, the age of which is about 12 million years. Go to it for more than three hours, since it is from Almaty in 236 kilometers. It can also be reached by bus, but it will be necessary to walk 10 km on foot. And you can even take a tour at 13 o'clock on a day off to make it more fun and interesting, because you can bypass all the named gorges and listen to the history and traditions of such mysterious eternity. (Read more).

One of the most important values ​​of Kazakhstan's nature is Lake Alakol. It is unique in its composition - it has medicinal properties. Salted waves miraculously restore strength and strengthen health, disappear skin scuffed legs, quickly tightened the wounds on the body, and those suffering from sciatica forget about the pain in the lower back. Even quarrels and resentments move aside.


In the waters of Alakol, eight species of fish exist. Fishing is zander, sazan, marinka, perch. The famous Great Silk Road passed the Alakol. And in the center of it there are small islands: Ulken, Kishkeni, Araltebe, Belkuduk, etc. The climate of the coast is sharply continental, so you need to have with you both lightweight and warm clothes.

You can reach it by bus or car in 9-10 hours. However, sometimes the road can take up to 12 hours, depends on the stops and the car. The road to the station of Koktum by special charter train, which runs in the season from May to August, takes 16 hours. Prices for resorts and hotels vary, depending on the period of travel and food.

One of the most picturesque places is the Kolsai gorge (blue necklace of the Northern Tien Shan), where there are three lakes: Saty, Mynzhylgi (the largest and most beautiful one of the three lakes, as if rewarding travelers with an unimaginable landscape: the walls of spruce, the reflection of "alpine" flowers in lake, where snow-white edelweiss blossom), and Kolsai (the highest mountain and the smallest lake, hidden by majestic rocks). There are Kolsay lakes 300 km from Almaty, and they need 4 hours to travel by private transport (you can find out more how to get there at here). Nearby there are guest houses to spend the night, and even yurts, for those who want to feel true nomads life. In 11 km to the east of the Kolsai lakes you will meet the mysterious lake of Kaindy. The water temperature is low, but despite this fact, people like to do diving here. And its main feature is spruce, towering straight above the water. In translation from Kazakh "Kaindy" means "abounding with birches", whose grove is located five kilometers away.

One of the riches of the Kazakh land is the Mangistau region (peninsula Mangyshlak), which contains so many historical places and untouched nature, a huge amount of oil reserves, which is difficult to imagine. There are steppes, plateaus and tracts, which color earth resemble land on the planet Mars (I recommend to see the photo on the this site). And as the sand (Senek), where the dunes rise to 50 meters, resemble a real desert. Ideally even cracks (the result of the shift of tectonic plates), the remains of ancient animals, the strangely shaped mountains, and the absence of the human soul give a special atmosphere to this place. The sacred mountain of Sherkala, where the permanent inhabitants of these regions are camels and horses, is almost the only place where tourists gather, where buses bring them. You will also find on your way the Karagiye hollow (the deepest dry hollow in Kazakhstan and one of the deepest in Asia) where the Batyr lake is located on the bottom of the basin, with a very variable water level and area. Nearby there is the Valley of Figures, formed either by ancient people, or by nature itself. Be more careful in the area of ​​Cape Zhygylgan (Fallen Land), where the edges of the earth in at least 10 km lead to a giant dip of 80 meters.