The territory of Kazakhstan is extensive, and the climate is sharply continental. We have four distinct seasons. There is a great fluctuation in air temperatures both during the day and during the year.

The coldest month for the whole of Kazakhstan is January. The average temperature in January in the north is -190 C, and in the south -1.50 C. On some days in the north of the Republic frosts go down to -55° C. In the south, the air temperature rarely drops below -30° C.

The warmest month is July. The average July temperature in the north of the Republic is 19.1° C, in the south is 29.3° C. The highest temperature in the north does not exceed 40° C, and in the south 46 ° C. In the high-mountain areas the average July temperature decreases with a rise.

The amount of precipitation in Kazakhstan ranges from 90 to 1500 ml. Especially few of them fall in the region adjacent to the northeastern part of the Aral Sea and in the western part of the lake Balkhash.

Climate and natural diversity is an opportunity to actively relax at any time of the year. In winter and autumn hiking in the mountains, skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, winter fishing, hunting are available. In spring and summer - rest on the shores of reservoirs, in forests, parks, go hiking, swimming in pools and natural reservoirs and much more.

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