Interesting facts about education in Kazakhstan

Interesting facts about education in Kazakhstan

1. There are universities in Kazakhstan that are part of QS ranking (explanation in infographic)

2. Studying in the universities of Kazakhstan is based on the Bologna Process

3. Universities of Kazakhstan provide education in three languages: Russian, English, and Kazakh. You can choose any of these languages ​​for studying.

4. Tuition fees range from $500 to $3000 per semester.

5. Universities of Kazakhstan do not require the GRE, GMAT results from foreign students.

6. Universities of Kazakhstan do not require a motivational letter for admission.

7. If you do not pass the English language exams, do not worry. Most universities can make concessions and conduct an internal university exam for you to assess the level of English proficiency.

8. Some universities in Kazakhstan refused to choose a thesis as the only variant, and offer their students to conduct a real project, providing an opportunity to cooperate with the largest companies in different industries. The output will be the presentation of the project and discussion results in front of selection committee.

9. After arrival in Kazakhstan, most foreign students will need to register in local government bodies within 5 days.

10. Students from the countries of the Customs Union have the right to work in Kazakhstan for a certain number of hours.

11. If you are fluent in English, you will always have the opportunity to be a tutor or to teach the language. Teachers-native speakers of languages ​​are very much appreciated in Kazakhstan.

12. A significant number of universities offer a double diploma (while studying in Kazakhstan you have the opportunity to get a diploma of both local and, for example, a Spanish university). And the fee cost usually remains the same.